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Embed Custom Gantt in SAPUI5

If you are working with SAPUI5 versions lower than 1.96, you might run into problems when displaying SAP standard Gantt components in RTL (right to left) mode. While researching the problem, we’ve found several alternatives to visualize time-based events with gantts, and today we will embed a custom JS-based gantt called Frappe – here is […]

SAPUI5 & Google reCaptcha

Hi friends! In this article you will learn how quickly and easily integrate Google reCaptcha in your UI5 project (on the example reCaptcha v2). The integration process is divided into 2 main steps:– connecting the Google API file responsible for work reCaptcha– display reCaptcha Connecting the Google API In our example, connecting to the Google […]

IDEs for SAP UI5 Development: thoughts on SAP BAS and simultaneous work with VS Code and Web IDE

As many of you got used to developing your UI5 apps using the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack,you probably noticed by now its main disadvantage that this product lacks performance during live run, version build and deploy operations.Its main bottleneck is its Node environment which is some kind of heavy central cloud-based solution that makes you […]


Hi friends! This week we will go through the technical aspects of such an important issue as routing (navigation). We will be answering these questions: What is SAPUI5 routing and what is it for? Important things to know about routing in SAPUI5 Recommended components What is a “Fragment” and what is it for? Features of […]

SAPUI5 Mobile application development

This week we will take a closer look at one of the most important parts of the modern application – mobile adaptation. In this blog post we will look at: Recommended SAPUI5 components Application layout options Principles of routing realization Performance optimization recommendations Recommended components We recommend using components out of sap.m library, such as: […]

SAPUI5 Permissions

This week we will focus on authorizations aspects, covering standard and non-standard solutions in SAPUI5 area. This article will focus on four major areas (they are essentially different in business and technical terms). 1.    SAP NetWeaver Gateway authorizations. 2.    SAP Fiori Launchpad authorizations 3.    ODATA Services authorizations 4.    Application authorizations SAP NetWeaver Gateway authorizations Since NetWeaver […]

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