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IDEs for SAP UI5 Development: thoughts on SAP BAS and simultaneous work with VS Code and Web IDE

As many of you got used to developing your UI5 apps using the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack,you probably noticed by now its main disadvantage that this product lacks performance during live run, version build and deploy operations.Its main bottleneck is its Node environment which is some kind of heavy central cloud-based solution that makes you […]

Securing SAPUI5 applications – Part 2

Intro Dear followers, this articles continues to cover Information Security aspects for your plans to use SAP NetWeaver platforms to expose your SAPUI5 applications. It covers the most popular vulnerabilities described in OWASP Top Ten (2017) manifest. A6:2017 – Security Misconfiguration SAP environments are maintained by SAP BASIS team, which is constantly implementing security notes […]

Securing SAPUI5 applications – Part 1

Intro This document is intended for use by Information Security Officers that are planning to use \ using SAP NetWeaver platforms for extending their SAPUI5 applications. It covers the most popular vulnerabilities described in OWASP Top Ten (2017) manifest. A1:2017 – Injection SAP application API is built upon Microsoft-based ODATA protocol, which defines the structures […]

Fiori Launchpad Tiles Translation

When working on systems with multi languages installed, translation of your SAP Fiori Launchpad Tiles is necessary however is not so intuitive. You can achieve it with few simple steps: 1. locate your desired catalog and its unique id in the Fiori Launchpad designer (tcode: /UI2/FLPD_CUST) 2. open translation editor (tcode: SE63) choose Translation > ABAP […]

Search help on multi columns using table select dialog and OData

One of the most frequent challenges UI5 developers are facing is how to implement a Search Help with OData model on one hand but search and filter it’s results with same query string on many columns simultaneously. When using JSON model multiple filtering with property  “and  :  false”  works perfectly fine because it is done […]

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